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About Cybervance

Cybervance professionals are expert in developing and executing successful Cybersecurity programs for government and private sector organizations. The company utilizes a multidisciplinary approach, drawing on domain experts in Cybersecurity, Computer Forensics, Information Assurance, Cyber Policy and Program Development to meet today’s dynamic cyber challenges.

Cybervance believes successful cyber programs go beyond computer silicon and emphasizes human capital development. Whether building a cybersecurity capacity or enabling essential information sharing, Cybervance prioritizes customer enablement with extensive training, mentoring and execution services.

Cybervance brings decades of expertise and insight to each program. Our experience in law enforcement and with governmental organizations around the globe provides a unique perspective on today’s information systems landscape. From network security to counterterrorism to criminal investigations, we provide unparalleled knowledge and a deep understanding of the steps and components necessary for a successful cyber program.