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law enforcement

Digital Investigations

Cybervance provides the training and support required to conduct criminal investigations involving digital environments. Whether to investigate a ‘cyber crime’ or criminal activity that happened to use technology, law enforcement increasingly requires a digital investigations capability.

Digital Forensics & eDiscovery – Mobile, Network, PC, Cloud

Part science, part art, Cybervance enables law enforcement to identify, extract and analyze digital evidence with forensically sound practices. Cybervance either enables organizations to establish their own forensic lab, or leverage Cybervance practitioners who are continually current on the diverse and constantly changing digital landscape.

Cyber Awareness for Prosecutors

Cybervance trains prosecutors on proper evidentiary procedures required for collecting and analyzing digital case data critical to effective prosecutions.

Network Security & Protection

Cybervance training and professional services address the broad spectrum of passive and active attack vectors. From basic network security to advanced persistent threats, our team of global resources can be deployed to ensure Cybersecurity.